Whistler Waldorf School’s Community Hub is for:

  • those who like a place to feel connected, share similar interests and a passion for their wholesome development in this ever-changing world.
  • for students, parents, teachers, staff, community members and anyone who is interested in learning more about what is a Waldorf education?
  • for the broader Waldorf and education community to provide even more opportunities to be engaged and contribute to their global future and also, that of others.

Community Posts


Online mini-concert for music learning

Distance learning continues - WWS Gr. 4 students still participate…

Distance Learning Waldorf style.

Gr. 8's are learning about the American, French and Industrial…

Art re-creation at home… the Getty Museum Challenge

Art re-created at home! Some grade 7 students participated in…

High School Clubs Started

This week HS clubs have started this week! Wednesday Period…
IMG_1542 (1)

Thank you to essential workers!

Thank you to all the essential workers in our community! You…
IMG_1542 (1)

Impressive Waldorf at a Distance work!

Grade 8, Oak's illustration of a scientist who has made contributions…

Community members of WWS are invited to post your positive thoughts, ideas and accomplishments for anything that you feel exemplifies Whistler Waldorf!

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