Whistler Waldorf School’s Community Hub is:

  • a place to feel connected with those who share similar interests and a passion for their wholesome development in this ever-changing world.
  • for students, parents, teachers, staff, community members and anyone who is interested in learning more about what is a Waldorf education?
  • for the broader Waldorf and education community to provide even more opportunities to be engaged and contribute to their global future and also, that of others.

The key is connection and building relationships that support each other for the overall good of everyone. We welcome you to connect with us on social media and our blogs for more information.

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Community Posts

Welcome to our Community Post Blog! Community members of WWS are invited to post your positive thoughts, ideas and accomplishments for anything that you feel exemplifies Whistler Waldorf!

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Online mini-concert for music learning

Distance learning continues - WWS Gr. 4 students still participate…

Distance Learning Waldorf style.

Gr. 8's are learning about the American, French and Industrial…

Art re-creation at home… the Getty Museum Challenge

Art re-created at home! Some grade 7 students participated in…

High School Clubs Started

This week HS clubs have started this week! Wednesday Period…
IMG_1542 (1)

Thank you to essential workers!

Thank you to all the essential workers in our community! You…
IMG_1542 (1)

Impressive Waldorf at a Distance work!

Grade 8, Oak's illustration of a scientist who has made contributions…