An impactful and transformative experience

As part of an extensive global network of Waldorf schools, WWS offers unique opportunities for cultural exchange. Our 3–4-month reciprocal Exchange Program is available exclusively to international Waldorf high school students who are in Grade 10.

Exchange provides students with rich cultural experiences, promotes independence, and provides the opportunity to improve fluency in another language.

Student Testimonials

Kristoffer was treated like a king with his host family. He attended a beautiful school and had the opportunity to try different classes that were available. He joined a football team.  He took day trips and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Paris on a daily basis. The exchange program gave Kristoffer a strong sense of individuality and the opportunity to grow and spread his wings in a safe caring environment. Importantly, he also came home with a better appreciation of all that he has here.

Being able to experience a small amount of a completely different life in a completely different country with completely new people has been so incredible and has opened my mind up to so many things I didn’t even know my mind could be opened to! I’ve made many new lifelong friends, seen amazing and monumental sights, learned, laughed and have been amazed at how much a place can have to offer if you are there long enough. My exchange family has been as welcoming as my own. I’m really lucky to have had such an incredible time that I know I will remember forever.

Here in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor we live in a small bubble cast by the mountains that shield us from the outside world and it is funny how small a perspective can be when not exposed to differing environments. This simple exchange made me open my eyes to the amount of diversity of all kinds we live with in this world. From making new friends to arguing the rights and wrongs of the Death Penalty in a foreign language, I had an incredible experience on my exchange which I remember fondly all the time.

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