Reporting Tools

Erase | Report it

The Erase|Report It tool lets you send a secure, anonymous and confidential message to your school or school district’s safe school coordinator, who will follow up on it right away. You do not have to provide your name unless you want to.

Accessibility Issues

The WWS’ Accessibility Committee identifies barriers that impact participation in our school’s life. Share your feedback or questions on accessing a school program, building or school information, and/or receive a service or support. Policy Details

Member Resources



Maeve Bellmore, Receptionist

General communication about:

  • student absences
  • sign-in/sign-out for students
  • short-term withdrawal
  • important school events & dates


High School Principal – Acting Ellen Zelikovitz

Grade School Principal – Acting Eleanor West

  • More about a policy and/or procedure at the school
  • Question/Concern that is unresolved with a teacher or staff member due to process.


Brian Gohlke, Director of Business & Finance

  • Financial matters including invoicing, fees, payment errors, bursaries, etc.
  • For a Student Records request – Shelby Jenkins, Registrar


Jennifer Dodds, Director of Advancement

  • Admissions and withdrawal details.
  • School communications, marketing, public relations, etc.
  • To be added to WWS’ weekly E-news –  Cristiana Spooner, Communications Manager.

Quick Links

BigSIS – School Admin Portal for report cards, contact details, etc.

PlanBook  – Lesson Plans & Curriculum Portal

Staff Bios – Faculty & Staff Information & pictures.

WWS Blogs – Recent news, events and updates.

Parent Information –  School details for families.

Event Calendar – School calendar for important dates/events.