WWS Student Absence Online Submission Form

Please submit this form ASAP and with as much detail as possible. Thank you.

Please provide approximate date if need be (re: injury, illness, emergency, etc.)
On submission you have agreed to school policy.

Is your child ill OR needs to be excused for today?

Email An Absence before 9am as we need written notification for everyday that a student is away.

OR Call after 8:30am to 604- 932-1885 (ext.101), and forward an email or the online form ASAP as a follow-up.

  • If we have not heard from you in the morning, an email will be sent to confirm that your student has been marked as absent.
  • If we do not hear from you we may need to enact the Missing Child Procedure. 

Excused 1+ day absence includes sickness, injury, medical appointments, etc. Unexcused 1+ day absence includes vacation or family holiday when school is in session , etc.

Will your child be absent for 3 days or more?

Please fill out the online form to communicate attendance updates, as the Ministry of Education requires written documentation for all absences pertaining to the following:

  • Excused extended absences: for injury, illness, or emergency family issues. Faculty will create an interim plan to reduce the impact on your student’s education.
  • Unexcused extended absences: includes family holidays or vacations when school is in session.  Faculty are not obligated to provide work and/or follow-up on work missed. As such student learning/achievement may be impacted.
  • Other: If your absence does not fall under either category, please select “Other” in the form below and provide specific details.
Further notes about school absences:
  • View specifics in the Attendance Policy 20230131
  • Access to teacher lesson plans is generally available to all WWS families via Planbook and posted one day following delivery.
  • If your child’s total unexcused absences places your child below the required hours for Ministry of Education funding, this could result in being charged the difference between the full grant and the prorated grant received for your child, as this has budget implications for our entire school.
  • Irregular attendance curtails a student’s ability to contribute to, as well as benefit from the learning experience. It can also hinder the progress of the class. The responsibility for regular attendance lies with the student and families/guardians.