Parent Portal

Whistler Waldorf School

Our Parent Portal is exactly that: a virtual portal into the inner workings of Whistler Waldorf School, where you can see school and student information, report cards, community resources and much more.

Make sure to sign up for BigSIS – your online portal to school data, and check out our school policies, online forms, as well as parent resources to helpful information on Waldorf education.

Login to BigSIS, our student information system and online resource for parents (Built by a Waldorf Grad).

Update your home address, see class lists and contact information, view report cards and more. Things you can do with BigSIS:

  • Update family details and student information
  • Receive and review school reports (academic and attendance)
  • News for various School Directories (parent to parent or family to family connections)
  • Online form features for programs and school permissions (Coming Soon)

Contact us if you have any difficulties logging in. BigSIS replaces our previous ParentsWeb application and is your online portal for school data.

“When we bring to the child, just at the right moment, matter that is appropriate to his faculties, to his disposition, then what has been thus introduced will become a re-creating source of inspiration for the child throughout the whole course of his life.

If the parents of our children perceive that we have the will to work in such a way that we place into the decades lying before us people capable of dealing with the ever-increasing difficulties of life – yet still having questions to ask of life – then the parents will stand in the right relationship to the school. For it is upon the parents’ understanding that we must build. We cannot work, as do other schools, protected by the state or by any other authority. We can only work supported by a community of parents who share this understanding.

We love our children; our teaching is inspired by knowledge of man and love of children. And another love is being built up around us, the love of the parents for the true essence of the school. Only within such a community can we work towards a future of mankind able to prosper and withstand.”

Rudolf Steiner, Founder of Waldorf EducationSpoken to parents at first Waldorf School, Stuttgart, Gemany,1921