Resources & Events for Parents @ WWS

Whistler Waldorf School

Parents are a valued part of the Whistler Waldorf School community. This page provides details on how parents can get involved, what to expect, offers helpful resources and links for Waldorf parent education and much more.

Communication is a priority at WWS

Weekly E-News & Bi-Annual Community Newsletter

An informative email newsletter is sent once a week with important dates, WWS classroom highlights, upcoming events, Food for Thought, general Whistler community news and offerings as well as a small selection of “Glimpse of the Classroom” pics.

WWS also presents a bi-annual community newsletter for WWS members and locals about Waldorf education, festival news, updates, helpful links and resources for anyone interested in education and Waldorf pedagogy.

Bi-weekly Classroom Updates

Every second week, WWS parents can expect to receive a class specific email from their child’s class teacher to update them on the happenings in the classroom and what to expect over the next few.

Dedicated Online Parent & Student Portal(s)

Providing school information and student support resources in one central location online makes it easier for everyone to find school details and complete admin tasks.

Designed for parents & students, the WWS Online Portal provides access to school information such as policies and procedures, guidance handbooks and parent links/resources. It also includes an internal link to BigSIS, (WWS’ student admin database) to sign permission forms, update family data, and view report cards.

Lastly, the online portal includes a specific High School Student section which offers school information on  timetables, syllabus details, guidance counselling resources, university preparation links and much more.

The WWS Community

School Annual Events & Parent Social Nights

The WWS Community is invited to get involved and participate in many of the annual traditional festivals, student plays, presentations and concerts.

In addition to school community events, WWS has also organized parent social events like moms and dads’ evening socials, education workshops, community book clubs and more to support new families to the school and create a warm, welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

Parent Association & PAC

As parents of WWS students, parents are automatically considered part of the Parent Association, but can volunteer on the Parent Action Council (the governing body of the Parent Assoc.) which helps foster a healthy creative energy and environment.

“Fun-raising” Events

The PAC facilitates all fundraising activities and aims to create a social network of Whistler Waldorf parents through our many events. To assist with the ongoing development of the school, we conduct several fundraising initiatives during the year and support a variety of “fun-raising” and parent enrichment activities.

Parent Education Resource Links

Whistler Waldorf School Parent Education

We have compiled the following resources to support parents and caregivers of children of all ages.

Risk, Resilience and the Changing Reality of Adolescence in North America by Charlotte Jacklein (925K PDF)

An Intentional Education with Brian Gohlke (YouTube)

Turning Education On Its Head with Douglas Gerwin (YouTube)

Turning Education On Its Head – Written Summary (389K PDF)

Root, Shoot & Fruit, a talk by Douglas Gerwin on the capacity of imagination from preschool to adulthood (YouTube)

Waldorf 201 Presentation by Principal Aegir Morgan

DADD – a gentle, effective discipline tool for parents and caregivers (227K PDF)

The Compassionate Response Exercise (506K PDF)

What is a toy? And the Importance of Free Play (592K PDF)

What To Do with All That Art?! (338K PDF)

While You Are Not Sleeping (64K PDF)

The Healing Power of Sleep (68K PDF)

Six-Year-Old Change (100K PDF)

Contact Us for More Information

Looking for more details on what our school offers parents and families of WWS students?  Maybe you would like to schedule a quick chat with a current parent to find out more about our WWS Community to get a personal perspective?

Please reach out and let us know if you’re interested in talking to a parent representative. Email Admissions or call Jen Dodds, Director of Advancement at 604-932-1885.

For general school information, please see the contact list below.

Questions you may have: Who to Follow Up with: Contact info.:
General communication about  school events & dates, or any other questions or concerns you do not know who to ask. Receptionist Receptionist
Questions regarding school communications, marketing, public relations, etc.

To be added to WWS Communications 

Director of Advancement

Communications Manager

Jen Dodds

Cristiana Spooner

Admissions/Withdrawal information & requests Director of Advancement Jen Dodds
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