Our Programs

Whistler Waldorf School

Playschool and Kindergarten

The Whistler Waldorf School has a strong Early Years program. There is a licensed, Group Childcare (30months – School age) program in the Little Cedars Room,  and Kindergarten in the Briar Rose Room. They share the same characteristics that are unique to a developmentally appropriate Waldorf approach to early childhood education.

Elementary School

During the elementary school years, the educator’s task is to transform all that the child needs to know about the world into the language of the imagination, a language that is as accurate and as responsible to reality as intellectual analysis is in the adult. The wealth of an earlier, less intellectual age – folk tales, legends and mythologies, which speak truth in parables and pictures – becomes the teacher’s inexhaustible treasure house.

Middle School

In the middle school years, the curriculum includes real world activities and projects through travel, guest teachers and speakers, and a variety of outdoor experiences to provide new challenges, and fully support the students as they begin to develop their critical thinking capacities.

High School

In High School, by fully engaging, challenging and inspiring students throughout their Junior and Senior high school experience, the Waldorf high school curriculum aims to provide excellence in academics as well as a platform for students to fully develop their sense of self with a clear purpose for the future. fully support the students as they begin to develop their critical thinking capacities.

Graduation and Certification

Upon successful completion of the Whistler Waldorf High School program, students will be awarded a Waldorf High School Certificate and Dogwood Diploma (BC School Completion Certificate and entry requirement for post-secondary institutions and employers).