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Whistler Waldorf School offers an easy admissions process to ensure a good fit for prospective students and their families focusing on:


    Submit an application at any point during the year – we accept admissions on a rolling basis.

  • Easy Enrollment Process

    The enrollment process is tailored to be all-inclusive – WWS reviews student/family requirements and expectations based on personal interviews, teacher recommendations, visits, previous reports and more, etc.

Looking to study in Whistler?  International or Out of Province students that require billeting for the year in Whistler can find more details here.

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Tour the School

Come visit our school in person. Most tours are scheduled in at 9am on midweek days so you can see morning lessons.

Online or Phone meeting

Schedule an online meeting through Zoom or phone call. General office hours are 9-5pm Monday-Friday (except during school holidays).

Ready to schedule a meeting?  Email the Director of Advancement or call us at 604-932-1885.

Next Steps
  • Pay Fee by Paypal

    Once you’ve completed your online application through BigSIS, you can pay the applicable application fee through PayPal.

    An  immersive admissions process allows for both the families and the school to answer specific questions and provide focused time for the students at the school. The admissions application fee (per student) includes:

    • Processing of all registration/school documents
    • 1 hour private interview (with teacher/principal)
    • A 2-3 day school visit (applicable for Grade/High School students only).

    Early Years is $100; Kindergarten, Grade & High School is $250; International Students is $400 (for notarized documentation)*

    *Please note that the application fee is quoted in Canadian dollars, from 2023 rates and is non-refundable.

Apply Now!

Applicable Application
Students Name
  • Email Records

    For students applying for grade or high school (Grade 1-12), please forward:

    • Recent school reports (at least 2 recent reports)
    • Copies of an IEP or professional assessment reports (if applicable)
    • Recommendations or character reflections from caregivers or teachers

    Email your copies to the Director of Advancement, or they can be dropped off at Reception or mailed to: Whistler Waldorf School – P.O. Box 1501, 7324 Kirkpatrick Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B0

How we use your information…

WWS adheres to strong school and online privacy policies and collects personal details in the strictest of confidence.  Your information is used to determine the best fit for your family at WWS such as:

  • Why you would choose a Waldorf education for your child(ren)?
  • Your child’s prior experience in school?
  • Information pertaining to your child’s mental and physical well-being, etc.
Experiencing WWS

Participate in a Class Visit

Prospective students going into grades 3-12 participate in a 2-3-day class visit. Visits are scheduled after an application/admissions fee has been submitted, and an initial interview has been completed.

Personal Meeting with the Teacher

After the school classroom visit, parents and students will meet again to go over their classroom experiences at school and answer any final questions.  An offer of admission is generally completed within 3 weeks.

“The end goal of the admissions process is to allow future students and families to make as an informed decision as possible, so they have the best possible opportunity to succeed and thrive at WWS.”

At Whistler Waldorf School, we provide an extensive education for curious, engaged and creative students who hope to be a positive force in their global community.

  • WWS is one of approximately 30 Waldorf Schools in Canada.
  • One of only three that specialize in Waldorf High School education
  • Our school provides an academic and specialized education for pre-k to Grade 12
  • We offer a depth of educational experiences including student exchanges, outdoor education and arts & music supported programming.
  • An established independent school in Whistler for over 20 years

Is WWS right for your child/youth?

There are various reasons families and students choose WWS for their schooling needs and quickly realize that there is no place else they would rather be.

On the outset many prospective families and students will notice the balanced, multi-disciplinary curriculum and supportive school environment.

However much of the difference is in how students, staff and parents feel when they are at school everyday – feeling welcomed and appreciated. It is a special atmosphere filled with deep respect and engaged members.

Make a Waldorf education a reality

We know that the education of your children is one of your top priorities and, even with the greatest commitment, families may find it challenging to finance a Waldorf education.

Choosing an independent education for your child and family is a decision that requires much consideration, so as a non-profit, independent school, we endeavor to keep our fees as low as possible so that the financial consideration is as simple as possible. Our community Financial Aid programs include:

  • Tuition Adjustment
  • New Student Scholarships
  • Sibling discounts
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Childcare Reduction Fees

Did you know? Every year WWS will award approximately $300,000 to around 35% of our students. This level of support is extraordinary and exceeds many Waldorf schools of our size.

Diversity & Inclusion in Waldorf Schools

British Columbia Waldorf Schools have, since their inception, espoused principles of respect for human rights and the diversity of humankind. Today, all British Columbia Waldorf schools continue to define diversity as a range of racial identifications, ancestries, nationalities, native languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, family structures, ages, belief systems, gender and sexual identities, abilities, appearances, occupations, and political affiliations.

Admissions Specifics

An enrollment offer is communicated to parents in writing within a week following completion of the admissions process.

Enrollment decisions are determined by an Enrollment Team including the Director of Education, Faculty Chair, and specified teacher and support faculty, following a thorough, fair and inclusive process using WWS’ Admissions Policy.

Applicants are able to raise concerns by filing a formal written complaint as per the school’s Communication and Grievance Procedure to the Board of Trustees.

Please note: At the time of enrollment we will require an immunization record (or a signed form saying you have chosen not to immunize; signed proof of residency and a copy of the child’s birth certificate. For playschool we also require a photo of the child for emergency records.

After completing the admissions process, any child who has been granted enrollment after the class has reached maximum capacity will be placed in a waiting pool. The child’s name will remain in the waiting pool until he or she is enrolled, or the child’s removal from the list following refusal of an opening offered. Generally, the school utilizes the following criteria to determine the wait pool ranking:

First Priority: Students already enrolled in WWS are offered the opportunity to re-enrol and have first priority for the subsequent year. Re-enrollment agreements, tuition deposits, and an initial payment are typically due mid-March.

Second Priority: Siblings of currently enrolled students and faculty members wishing to newly enroll their child.

Third Priority: Students who have attended other Waldorf Schools or who have been enrolled in our Parent and Tot program for at least one term.

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