Admissions & Enrolment

Helping you make the right decision for your family

At Whistler Waldorf School, we are looking for curious, engaged and creative students who want to challenge themselves academically and be a positive force in the global community.

The admissions process is to ensure a good fit for students and their families, in support of our school’s Mission, Vision and Values. We aim to assist prospective students in making an informed decision concerning their enrolment.

Here are some quick facts to consider which makes the process go smoothly:

  • We accept applications on a rolling basis and encourage you to apply at any point during the year.
  • Enrolment decisions are made based on space availability and the school’s ability to meet the needs of the child.
  • We review each student based on interviews, teacher recommendations, observation of participation during the school visit, previous school reports and evaluations.
  • Selected students will be offered a place in class if one is available or be placed in the wait pool if the class has reached maximum enrolment.

3-Step Easy Admissions Process

  • Tour The School

    Come see for yourself!

    Come visit our school so that you can experience first-hand the Waldorf approach to education in action and ask any questions about what you need to know most.

    Schedule a personalized tour with our Admissions Manager or by phone at 604-932-1885.

  • Submit Application for a Meeting

    Meet with the Teacher & Staff

    For all admissions requests, a completed application form & $100 non-refundable application fee is kindly requested for each applying child/youth. For Grade/High School students we also require copies of two most recent school reports. 

  • Visit The Class

    See what goes on in a day!

    Applying students in grades 3-12 participate in a 2-3-day class visit. Visits are only conducted after a completed application has been submitted, and an interview has been completed. These visits enable prospective students to participate in classes and meet WWS faculty and students.

How To Apply?

(1) Complete the Application

Fill out a fillable PDF application form and submit a $100 application fee which includes:

  • Processing of all registration/school documents
  • 1 hour private interview with the teacher and admissions staff
  • A 2-3 day school visit for your child/youth (applicable for Grade/High School students).

(2) Pay Application Fee

Payment is non-refundable and can be be paid through PayPal using a major credit card.

(3) Email Copies of Student Documents

The application package should include 2 recent school reports and copies of an IEP, assessments or professional reports if applicable.

The reports can be emailed as images using the Email Button to the right.

Or they can also be submitted prior to the interview by being dropped off at Reception or mailed to: Whistler Waldorf School – P.O. Box 1501, 7324 Kirkpatrick Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B0.

*For International Student Applications...

Along with a completed application form, International students must also send a letter of support from parents/guardians, a reference letter from a teacher and a copy of TOEFL test (or equivalent) if applicable. Class visits can be waived at the discretion of the Director of Education and Faculty Chairs.

Whistler Waldorf School Admissions

Tuition Fees & Financial Support Programs

2020-2021 Tuition Fees and Schedules

The fee schedules include dates for tuition payments, registration policies, sibling discount amounts and details about school fees and rate policies.

Financial Support and Discounts

Whistler Waldorf School knows that the education of your children is one of your top priorities and, even with the greatest commitment, families may find it challenging to finance a Waldorf education.

With this in mind, WWS is committed to providing assistance to those who may need financial support in order to attend our school. We offer families these tuition discounts and payment options.

  • Tuition Adjustment Program

    We have one of the highest percentages of annual budget devoted to financial aid among independent schools in the area. Approximately 20% of the WWS annual operating budget is devoted to financial aid and 36% of our students receive tuition adjustment on average/year, which is indicative of our commitment to providing affordable Waldorf education. Financial aid decisions in no way impact student admissions decisions.

  • New Student Scholarships

    Starting in 2020! In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we are offering even more financial support for selected newly enrolling students. A New Student Scholarship recipient will be entitled to $5000 annually or approximately 70% tuition support for three subsequent years. Siblings are also eligible for the Tuition Adjustment Program.

  • Sibling Discounts

    Families with 2 or more children enrolled at WWS concurrently receive a 25% tuition discount for the 2nd child and 50% tuition discount for the third and subsequent children.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    We also offer a variety of payment options for families where you can choose a monthly payment program to spread out payments with no interest added. You can also choose to pay in full with a discount using your credit card.

*Please note: Our Licensed Group Childcare programs are not eligible for Tuition Adjustment and/or Sibling Discounts, but Kindergarten – 12th Grade students qualify.

Enrolment Process & Wait Pool Guidelines

Notification of Enrolment Availability

An enrolment offer is communicated to parents in writing within a week following completion of the admissions process.

It is determined by our Enrolment Team including the Director of Education, Faculty Chair, and specified faculty and is generally based on the prospective student’s academic competency, social and emotional development, and the parents’ willingness to support Whistler Waldorf School’s Mission, Vision, and Values.

Please note: At the time of enrolment we will require an immunization record (or a signed form saying you have chosen not to immunize; signed proof of residency and a copy of the child’s birth certificate. For playschool we also require a photo of the child for emergency records.

Wait Pool Guidelines

Any child who has been granted enrolment after the class has reached maximum capacity will be placed in a waiting pool.

Should an opening arise, you will be contacted. The child’s name will remain in the waiting pool until he or she is enrolled, or the child’s removal from the list following refusal of an opening offered. Please contact us periodically for the waiting pool status. No child will be added to the waiting pool without first successfully completing the admissions process. Generally, the school utilizes the following criteria to determine the wait pool ranking:

First Priority: Students already enrolled in WWS are offered the opportunity to re-enrol and have first priority for the subsequent year. Re-enrolment agreements, tuition deposits, and an initial payment are typically due April 1st.

Second Priority: Siblings of currently enrolled students and faculty members wishing to newly enrol their child.

Third Priority: Students who have attended other Waldorf Schools or who have been enroled in our Parent and Tot program for at least one term.

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