Whistler Waldorf hosts a variety of school festivals, fundraising and parent community events throughout the school year. These are a great way to celebrate Waldorf education, meet other families, build relationships with the broader Sea to Sky community and support the school’s values and vision for the future.

Waldorf School Festivals

During the year, the school and the PAC coordinate fun festivals to celebrate the various seasons and to help foster wonder, reverence and gratitude. Here are few of the events:

Festival of Courage (Michaelmas)

Saint Michael is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Celtic tradition, St. Michael represents the unconquered hero, fighting against evil and the powers of darkness.

This shared feast day is a gathering of the whole school community in October. It reminds us of the inner courage it takes to face our human challenges. As the days grow colder and the nights grow longer, we must find and bring forth our own inner light when the sun, warmth and growth of the earth are fading.

Lantern Walk (Martinmas)

For the Early Years, this beautiful, peaceful parade of lights and festivities occurs during a early evening in November, where playschool to Grade 2 students make their own handmade lanterns and as day turns to night, the students and their families carry these shining lights in a parade. Each lantern symbolizes and celebrates the inner light and life of each student.

Winter Garden (Advent Spiral)

The Early Years Advent Spiral (sometimes referred to as the Winter Garden) is a celebration of winter festivities and traditions. This is one of the most beautiful and memorable of the winter festivals that families of the Playschool and Kindergarten (sometimes Grade 1 and 2), share at the beginning of the holiday season in December.

In a room lit by candles and smelling of evergreens, the children go one at a time through the spiral of evergreens to the center of the garden. Each child lights their candle and then places it somewhere on the pathway to light the way for the next child. It is a reminder of the journey inward each of us must make during the dark days ahead.

Winter Faire

Winter Faire occurs each December before Christmas and is a chance to invite the community to come and enjoy the winter season making seasonal crafts with the children. The school and Field House are decorated with fragrant evergreens and there are a number of craft tables, a magic Cookie House, fresh baked goods, caroling, puppet shows and storytelling. All crafts are in the Waldorf genre: natural, simple and beautiful!

May Faire

May Faire is an ancient festival honoring the change of seasons from darkness to light. The tree of life was part of this festival and is now represented by the Maypole. Our school hosts a May Faire in early May that is open to the entire community with Maypole dancing, songs, food and children’s activities.

School Community Events

Parent Enrichment Nights

We believe in supporting parents and caregivers of children of all ages by offering them an opportunities:

  • Parent Socials: To meet others in the school community in a fun, social events like moms and dads nights including fun events like tapas at a local restaurant, book clubs at hosts house, Axe throwing, dads mountain bike night & much more..
  • Parent education: To have an in-depth opportunity to learn more about Waldorf education including a guest lecturer series,  film screenings and Waldorf 101 sessions that are geared for fun and learning. These events are also available for the community at large.

Family Nights & PAC Events

To welcome new families and connect with old ones, Whistler Waldorf in  conjunction with WWS’ PAC  hosts a number of school community events to bring together members for FUN and on occasion to build school PAC funding!

  • Back to School BBQ
  • New Family Welcome Evening
  • Art & Talent Nights
  • Creekbread Community Night

Fundraising Events

School fundraising events are also held during the year and are an important part of the funding mix we balance in order to operate and offer the best possible Waldorf school experience for our families.

Annual Giving Campaign

The Annual Giving Campaign provides an opportunity for faculty, staff and parents to give what they can towards improving the school capital aspects and to join together in a charitable showing of love and support for our school community. Participation and a groundswell of support is our key goal – donations of all sizes are appreciated. Our Annual Giving donations are collected through Canadahelps.org

Gala Evening Fundraiser

Gala Fundraiser 2019

The Gala Evening Fundraiser happens once a year and it is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is sure to entertain all WWS members and families! The event brings together lovers of fine wine and food in a fun adult evening of supporting the school. With over a hundred items donated for both live and silent auctions, bidding is exciting as we raise funds for teachers’ wish lists for the next school year and much more.