A Curriculum Designed to Meet Each Stage of Adolescence

A Waldorf high school student is encouraged to embrace the discipline that each subject in the rich curriculum demands and appreciate the insights and broader perspective of an interdisciplinary approach.

Upon successful completion of the Whistler Waldorf High School program, students will be awarded a Waldorf High School Certificate and Dogwood Diploma (BC School Completion Certificate and entry requirement for post-secondary institutions and employers).

95% of WWS graduates attain provincial honours and go on to post-secondary including universities such as UBC, U.Vic., McGill, Berklee College of Music and many more.

By fully engaging, challenging, and inspiring students in their high school experience, the Waldorf high school curriculum aims to provide excellence in academics, as well as a platform for students to fully develop their sense of self with a clear purpose for the future.

Students are experiencing an increased awareness of the world around them, and of themselves as they transition from grade school to high school.

Students feel a strong connection to the present and want to be part of the modern world but do not yet have a true understanding of it . . . they are seeking the “what” things are all about. Students are observing and discovering the world.

Students are interested in the process, in the development of the world…they want to know “how” the world is connected. Students are drawn to motion, to comparing new and old developments.

Students question the development of the world, civilizations and customs…they ask the “why” and analyze reasons for progress in science, events, and cultures.

Students begin to both analyze and synthesize thoughts – they ask “who” is behind this doctrine, “who” was the real catalyst for change.

Experience a Day in the Life

An in-person visit is the best way to experience what it is really like to be a student at Whistler Waldorf High School. Come and see if it is a good fit for you!

All prospective high school students are invited to visit for a full day prior to submitting an application.

Visitors will be paired with a student ambassador and have an opportunity to attend classes as well as meet students and teachers.