Grade 8

Whistler Waldorf School

Emerging Independence and Critical Thought

Grade 8 is a year of transition from grade school to high school. Students are experiencing an increased awareness of the world around them, and of themselves.

Curriculum Outline:

  • History: Revolutions
  • Geography: The People of the World and their relationship with their environment
  • Science: Electricity and Magnetism, Hydraulics, Aerodynamics, Organic Chemistry, Physiology
  • Mathematics: practical applications of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, graphing, and number bases
  • English: the short story, letters, communications, and Shakespearean drama

As well as the above main lesson blocks, the High School curriculum includes:

  • Drama, French, Sports and Outdoor Education
  • Music: singing, strings, and band
  • Arts & Crafts: clay work, printmaking, papermaking, painting, woodwork, stone work.
  • Technology: Our technology program is fully integrated throughout our curriculum. It covers basic knowledge and skills with software, drafting, research, data collection, digital media, among others.
  • Trips: Bard on the Beach, surfing, backpacking, climbing, paddling, cycle touring, winter hikes.
  • Work experience