Grade 11

Who Am I? The Inward Gaze.

The aim of Grade 11 is to allow students’ individuality to be strengthened through inner questioning and study. Learning becomes a personal pursuit. The students are willing to consider anomalies within the world. They are seeking answers and are ready to accept the imperfections allowing them to consider all aspects of view-points of topics more deeply.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Chemistry
  • Atomic Theory
  • English Literature: Parsifal: rite of passage, the journey of the individual – Medieval Literature
  • Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
  • Biology: Botany and Cellular biology
  • Math: Projective Geometry, Algebra and pre-calculus
  • Environmental science (influence on human activity)
  • Practical Arts and Crafts

As well as the above main lesson blocks, the High School curriculum includes:

  • Drama, French, Sports and Outdoor Education
  • Music: singing, strings, and band
  • Arts & Crafts: clay work, printmaking, papermaking, painting, woodwork, stone work.
  • Technology: Our technology program is fully integrated throughout our curriculum. It covers basic knowledge and skills with software, drafting, research, data collection, digital media, among others.
  • Trips: Bard on the Beach, surfing, backpacking, climbing, paddling, cycle touring, winter hikes.
  • Work experience