Grade 9

What is this world?

The grade 9 student is experiencing the world of polarities, contrasts and extremes. In this year, students begin the process of identifying and contrasting, initiating the processes of analytical thinking through the subjects they study.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Geology: plate tectonics, geomorphology, glaciations
  • History: Post WWII – the aftermath and rise of communism
  • Black and White drawing
  • The History of Early Art
  • Biology: Anatomy – coming to our senses
  • Physics: Thermodynamics – heat and cold
  • Chemistry: Carbon cycle, photosynthesis
  • Math: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, graphing, descriptive geometry
  • Social Studies: Canadian History

As well as the above main lesson blocks, the High School curriculum includes:

  • Drama, French, Sports and Outdoor Education
  • Music: singing, strings, and band
  • Arts & Crafts: clay work, printmaking, papermaking, painting, woodwork, stone work.
  • Technology: Our technology program is fully integrated throughout our curriculum. It covers basic knowledge and skills with software, drafting, research, data collection, digital media, among others.
  • Trips: Bard on the Beach, surfing, backpacking, climbing, paddling, cycle touring, winter hikes.
  • Work experience