Grade 10

How did we get here? How did all this come about?

In grade 10, students are more secure in themselves, more harmonious. They gain greater perspective from this place of balance and are able to search for ideals and connections within the world. Therefore, in this year, students experience and study subjects that reveal processes, transformations, metamorphoses, patterns, and the kinship that exists between things. The young person begins to understand movement and change. Through the study of the subjects taught, students enliven analytical thinking to new powers of imaginative thinking.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Biology: Embryology, reproduction, circulatory system, nerve-sense
  • Geography: Climatology
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Euclidean Geometry
  • Poetics
  • The History of Art
  • Physics: Mechanics – forces and motion
  • Chemistry: acids, bases, and salts within humans and the natural world
  • Math: irrational numbers, trigonometry, Fibonacci sequence, Greek geometry
  • Issues in Canadian History
  • Planning
  • Exams: Numeracy and Literacy
  • International student exchange

As well as the above main lesson blocks, the High School curriculum includes:

  • Drama, French, Sports and Outdoor Education
  • Music: singing, strings, and band
  • Arts & Crafts: clay work, printmaking, papermaking, painting, woodwork, stone work.
  • Technology: Our technology program is fully integrated throughout our curriculum. It covers basic knowledge and skills with software, drafting, research, data collection, digital media, among others.
  • Trips: Bard on the Beach, surfing, backpacking, climbing, paddling, cycle touring, winter hikes.
  • Work experience