Grade 12

Why? Why do people act the way they do?

Throughout this year students take up the process of synthesizing inner and outer knowledge. Students now look at events and needs with objectivity and a universal awareness, thus enabling them to innovate from a place of understanding and create new structures that serve us for the future.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Biology: Theories of evolution: genetics, zoology
  • Philosophy
  • Literature: Faust
  • Symptoms of Modern History
  • History of Modern Art
  • Physics: Nature of light, optics, astronomy, and quantum physics
  • Biochemistry: the study of chemical processes in living organisms
  • Calculus
  • Independent Research Project
  • Ministry required courses: graduation transitions
  • Exams: literacy

As well as the above main lesson blocks, the High School curriculum includes:

  • Drama, French, Sports and Outdoor Education
  • Music: singing, strings, and band
  • Arts & Crafts: clay work, printmaking, papermaking, painting, woodwork, stone work.
  • Technology: Our technology program is fully integrated throughout our curriculum. It covers basic knowledge and skills with software, drafting, research, data collection, digital media, among others.
  • Trips: Bard on the Beach, surfing, backpacking, climbing, paddling, cycle touring, winter hikes.
  • Work experience