International Student Program

Why Waldorf

Whistler Waldorf School welcomes students from around the world. Our International Student Program offers the opportunity to increase fluency in English, gain a strong academic background and develop an understanding of Canadian culture.

  • Our curriculum is diverse and challenging.
  • Our faculty is generous and helpful.
  • Our small community is welcoming, homelike, and supportive.

*For Canadian out of province students not residing with a parent or guardian in British Columbia, international fees apply.


Students in Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12** are eligible to apply to our International Student Program. Students must enroll for a minimum of one semester. If you are not coming from a Waldorf School, we request that you research the Waldorf Curriculum. Our teaching methods are different than other public or independent schools. It is important that you understand this difference before you apply.


A basic understanding of English is required in order to participate in classes.

Recommended Scores

**Students who have attended Grade 10 and 11 at WWS are eligible to attend Grade 12.

ELL tutoring will be required for students with lower than recommended scores. At the request of WWS faculty, students who are struggling in their class will be required to participate in tutoring. Depending on the student’s English level, students will participate in English tutoring after school 2-3 times per week for a 1.5 hour session at $35/hr. Tutoring is designed to help support students with English and integrate them into the school and community as quickly as possible. Tutoring fees are in addition to boarding and tuition fees.

International Student / BC Non-Resident Student Application Procedure:


International Student Program Application Package

  • A completed application form
  • Copies of two most recent school reports per applying student
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate
  • A signed legal residency form
  • A $100 application fee per student
  • A letter of support from parents or guardians
  • A letter of reference from a teacher
  • Copy of TOEFL test (or equivalent) if applicable

After reviewing your application, we will contact you to schedule a Skype interview. This interview will be conducted by our High School Faculty Chair.

Admissions Decision

An admissions decision will be communicated within two weeks of your interview.

Enrollment Contract

Signed contracts, together with the non-refundable $2,000 enrollment deposit, must be returned within one week of the admissions decision.

Student Visa

The school will issue a letter of acceptance and a letter of custodianship. It is the responsibility of the parents to organize required visas through the Canadian Embassy or VAC centre in your country.

Information on Canadian visas and study permits can be found at

Read our detailed info guide about study permits HERE.


In addition to our annual tuition fees of $16,423 and our homestay fees outlined under the following Homestay tab, you will be responsible for ELL tutoring (if needed) at $35/hour, visa fees, medical insurance premiums, your own spending money, as well as travel expenses to and from Whistler.


Homestay accommodation fee: $1,100 per month.

Homestay fee includes:

  • private room which includes a comfortable bed, study table, and lamp
  • three meals per day, snacks, and drinks
  • laundry facilities
  • transportation to and from school, if required
  • opportunities to participate in family activities
  • support for student interest in cultural, athletic and community activities
  • emotional support if the student suffers from homesickness or difficulties at school
  • inclusion in family outings, special occasions and recreational activities

The WWS International Student Program Coordinator will provide weekly check-ins at school and monthly support visits for the first three months to ensure that the homestay arrangement is going well.

Reflections from International Students

Amy Gilbert

“I came to Whistler Waldorf to meet new people and visit new places. I met some of the most amazing, inspiring people and went to some of the most beautiful places. Whistler expanded my view of the world and of myself and my capabilities. I discovered new foods, new names for things I already had, and new ways of looking at life. I know that this will forever be my second home and that the people will be my second family. My understanding of the world has been expanded so much and this was just a tiny glimpse of what is out there. This really has been the time of my life and this opportunity has helped me grow as a person more than I thought possible. I have so much gratitude to those who made it happen and to Whistler for having me.”

Amy GilbertHavelock North, New Zealand