Tuition Adjustment

Whistler Waldorf School Accessible Tuition

Tuition Adjustment Program

Choosing independent education for your child and family is a decision that requires much consideration, on both philosophical and financial levels. In an ideal world we would choose the educational system we want for our children based on its relative merits and not by financial ability to pay. However, since the current reality is such that alternative choices are not fully-funded by government, we, as an organization, must provide the additional funds needed to pay our teachers, provide a roof over our student’s heads and for classrooms resources.

We endeavour to keep our fees as low as possible, but it is impossible to not have these fees. While teachers in a Waldorf school choose the job because it is their passion, rather than for high financial reward, the school community must take responsibility for providing a livable salary so that they can be free to serve our children.

Please note that this process is not intended to put up barriers for tuition adjustment, but to ensure that a fair and transparent process is in place so the school can be a healthy, financially responsible and fully accountable organization. We trust that every family will evaluate their financial situation honestly and provide the documentation required in a timely manner.

Considerations for Tuition Adjustment:

When applying for tuition assistance, please consider these questions:

  1. What can our family provide to ensure that the school is financially healthy and viable, ensuring that this education is available to my family in the future
  2. Are there any other funding sources that can be pursued? Is there a parent, grand-parent, or family relative who might be inspired to help with tuition or make a donation to the school?
  3. What choices have we made to free-up our financial situation to allow us to contribute to the school?
  4. Is our family’s need for tuition adjustment temporary? When our financial situation changes positively, can we provide more, or can we re-pay the difference?

Application Procedure & Timeline

Every year we will award approximately $300,000 to around 35% of our students. This level of support is extraordinary and exceeds many Waldorf schools of our size. Our Tuition Adjustment Program is a key feature of the culture and overall success of our school.

The process will be supported by a third party advisor, Apple Financial Services, ensuring fair and accurate financial assessments, and any families who would like to be considered for Tuition Adjustment are invited to register and submit an application. Remember to start submitting early to provide the school enough time to determine the overall demand for the program.

Please note that to receive tuition adjustment funding, families must be current with their tuition accounts.

The application process can be received anytime through the school year, and it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the analysis once Apple Financial Services receives all required information/documents from families. There is a $115 assessment fee involved upon completion of the application, which can be waived if needed.

Other Notes

Our Tuition Adjustment Program is made possible by the tremendous support of our current families, alumni, board of trustees and staff, and friends in the wider community.

If your family will not be accessing the program this year and feel that you would like to make a contribution to support another child’s education, please contact us to discuss the many meaningful opportunities available.

Both School Supply Fees and our Playschool Programs are not eligible for Tuition Adjustment.