OE programs expand for teens

By engaging in three annual OE trips and the Outdoor Education elective, students are not only exposed to the beauty of the natural world but also equipped with essential life competencies and capacities. Through our Grade 11 & 12 Outdoor Education program, students develop important kinesthetic experiences and transferrable skills.

Each and every WWS high school student is afforded the extraordinary opportunity to participate in three annual outdoor education (OE) trips. These journeys not only expose students to the beauty of the natural world but also equip them with invaluable life competencies and capacities. These experiences cultivate skills in teamwork, resilience, leadership, and a sense of environmental stewardship. 

In addition to these annual OE adventures, WWS extends its commitment to outdoor education with the inclusion of OE 11 as a component of our physical education curriculum. This course offers students the chance to acquire credentials, including Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 and First Aid certification. 

Tomorrow, our PE 10 and OE 11 students venture out on a mountain biking adventure, the first high school biking trip of the school year.

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