Parents play an integral part in their students learning

Why you will want to be there…

WWS’ dedicated teachers convene regular parent meetings as a fundamental component of our commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive educational environment.

Attendance at these meetings is an essential element of parent commitment at WWS and serves the following purposes:

  • Understanding the Waldorf Philosophy: Parent meetings help parents understand the Waldorf philosophy, curriculum, and teaching methods, allowing them to better support their child’s education at home.
  • Assessment and Progress Updates: Parent meetings are an opportunity for teachers to provide updates on the students’ progress, both academically and socially.
  • Curriculum Overview: Parent meetings may include discussions about the curriculum for the upcoming year or semester, helping parents understand what their child will be learning and experiencing.
  • Parent Education: These meetings can also serve as a form of parent education. Teachers may provide insights into child development and other aspects of Waldorf pedagogy, helping parents support their child’s growth and development.
  • Community Building: Parent meetings contribute to the sense of community within the school. Parents can connect with each other, share experiences, and build a network of support.
  • Feedback and Input: Parent meetings can be a forum for parents to provide feedback, ask questions, and share their concerns or ideas.
  • Celebrations and Events: WWS often has festivals and events that involve parents. Parent meetings may be used to plan and coordinate these activities, ensuring that parents are actively involved.

See you at our upcoming Parent Meetings and thank you for your support of Whistler Waldorf School and our students.

Please see the E-news for details on specific grades and times.

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