WWS celebrates the 2023 Graduates

We celebrate the achievements of our 2023 graduates!

In the words of Ms. Zelikovitz, Vice Principal, “This group has been described as a kaleidoscope of varying brilliant colours, who are able to hold their own individuality within their group while at the same time creating a symphony of colour and reflecting geometry. Seeing what is common is the mortar of life that builds bridges. It creates the ability for humanity to work together towards a common goal. Or at least be able to identify what is common between individual goals. This class has embraced each other in a way that honors their individuality, while respecting their differences. They have mastered the ability of ‘working together’.”

“And for that gift you all bring into the world, we want to say thank you. Thank you for showing us what is possible, and what a true community feels like.”

Class of 2023, thank you. We wish you well and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


We made it to the finish line; the final hurdle! Some ran, some walked and some even backflipped. The end of the academic year was marked with the same joy and celebration that it always is with our annual hay bale jump. Students across the grades jumped along with faculty and alum. We wish all our students and families a safe and fun summer break.