Post secondary foundations at high school

With its eight-year history of graduating students, WWS has firmly established itself as a provider of high-quality K-12 Waldorf education. Bolstered by the return of experienced WWS faculty including Ms. Blancher and Ms. Wardrop, we initiated a comprehensive review of our High School (HS) program and refined our senior HS course offerings with the goal of ensuring that our graduates possess the necessary skills and credits for a seamless transition into post-secondary education, beyond WWS. Tailored course selection allows students specialize in either an art stream or a science stream in the upper grades, while still enjoying the breadth of a Waldorf liberal arts education.

Understanding the importance of stability, we are committed to maintaining the same course structure over the next three years, so teachers will have the opportunity to refine and enhance their course offerings, ultimately benefiting our students. Students can likewise rely on a stable program structure, providing them with a clear path toward post-secondary. This consistency will also provide a more accurate and reliable means of evaluating the success of our programs, allowing us to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the educational experience for our students.  – Ellen Zelikovitz, HS Vice-Principal

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