$12000 raised from the 3rd annual Ski-a-thon

WWS fundraiser pays-it-forward for 2024.

An enthusiastic congratulations to WWS students, faculty and parents who participated in our 3nd Annual Ski-a-thon.  The visibility was low but the energy was high!

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we surpassed our fundraising goal.

63 students from across the grades
Impressive total of 480 T-bar laps
$12,000 raised. Way to go WWS!

Thank you to parent volunteers: Kiem Schutter, Olivia Bayley, Karen Potter, Romy Grayson, and Becky Dalziel for helping count laps and all the parents who cheered the kids on. Special thanks to Jessica Averiss for her backend support.

We look forward to “paying-it-forward” to Whistler Community Services Society, Pearl Space and AWARE, fellow not-for-profits who work to help build a more resilient community for us all.

Children learn to value giving by seeing those around them give. As parents, we all want to raise children who are charitable. We want our children to understand the value of giving and experience the sense of purpose and joy that giving brings.