Katherine Fawcett, WWS Faculty

“Teaching music at the Whistler Waldorf school for the past 12 years has been such a blessing. I have countless wonderful memories of assemblies and concerts — in the field house, around town, in various classrooms, at the Fairmont and in the forest. One year we even held a “Random Act of Violins” show when we took the strings ensemble to Nesters and played as we strolled the aisles.
We’ve fiddled at May fairs, Christmas fairs, end of year celebrations and parent nights. We’ve made mistakes and we’ve dropped instruments. We’ve gone out of tune and we’ve forgotten lyrics. I even had a student walk into a pole and get a mild concussion while strolling the Village carolling one year.
I’m proud, not only of the students who have gone on to take their music to higher places, joining bands, orchestras and studying music at post-secondary institutions, but also of the students who may not have thought they were musical at all, but somehow discovered within themselves when they sang or played; something beautiful, something fun, something everlasting.”