Katie Vogler – Former WWS Student

“I’ve always admired the holistic approach of Waldorf education and the many artistic components incorporated into each area of study, because of this Ms. Reynolds stands out as one of my favourite and most influential teachers. Ms. Reynolds was my handwork teacher through all my years at WWS and she taught me so much about creativity and dedication. Many of the items I made in her class I still have today: a pair of handmade socks; a human like doll; a hand bound book. Each one took months to finish and tested my patience in a way that prepared me for the more rigorous aspects of adult life and university.
Another memorable teacher was Mr. Aegir Morgan. He is by far one of the most influential teachers I’ve had in all my education. Mr. Morgan and I did not always get along and I remember fighting him fiercely on the chosen novels for our class reading, these fights stemmed mostly from the male protagonists in the stories. In the end one of my brightest memories from Mr. Morgan’s class was reading Animal Farm by George Orwell in grade nine. We read the satirical novel while simultaneously learning about the Russian revolution and the connections made between our history lessons, literature and the larger world still remind me why I love Waldorf education so immensely. Mr. Morgan brought forward the notion that novels could be more than fiction and inspired me to pursue literature further. It is largely because of this experience that I went on to study literature in university. It’s hard to explain how many of my memories from WWS include Mr. Morgan’s class and his dedication to his students. His choir class was a highlight of Friday afternoons and I still think about his production of Romeo and Juliet with our class in grade nine.
These two teachers and many, many others allowed me to become the person I am today, they taught me to dive into the subjects that interested me most, to bring dedication to each of my pursuits, and to always look at the large picture. The Whistler Waldorf School also taught me to see beauty in the natural world, the importance of the arts and creative expression, and the significance of building a community around education. As an alumna, and a daughter of one of the founding families, I would love to see the Whistler Waldorf School continue to grow in the coming years. I hope many more generations of families are able to experience education the way I did, and I hope WWS continues to support all types of learning and inspires many more students to pursue knowledge in all fields.”