Vicky Bunbury – WWS Founding Parent

“Moving from the house on Alta Lake to the current site at Spruce Grove Park was a pivotal and memorable moment from an organizational perspective. We got permission to place modular classrooms in the park by the RMOW in late June of 2002. We had two months to purchase classrooms and have them installed in the park. At this time, we had 24 children from kindergarten to 3rd grade. Of course, we had hired professionals to do the installation work, but the whole community came together to paint classrooms and move in furniture; parents and teachers, side by side. It was a real feeling of the community working together for the children. The September day of the official opening with the Mayor cutting the ribbon, the blessing of the school by a member of the Lil’wat Nation, performances by the children, and the whole school community in attendance, was an amazing moment in the school’s history. We had become a “school’”.