Laure Street – WWS Alumn. Parent

“The two most memorable moments for us in our daughter’s time at Whistler Waldorf happened in her last year, grade 12. The first was at her grade 12 presentation, where despite numerous challenges throughout the year that could have sidelined her, she chose to create a project and present what was a true passion and interest. She did this for herself, as much as for her family and classmates…and it showed. A calm, poised, well-spoken young woman was standing before us, and many many others. The confidence and sense of accomplishment she felt after that presentation remains with her as she moves into post secondary studies. The second stand-out memory was during the grade 12 class play. Our little girl who was so shy in grade 2 that she hid behind Ms Reynolds skirts on stage, unable to look at the audience, was now a shining, confident comedienne! Kate said her class agreed that last comedy was the best play they had ever produced. These moments really helped us see the personal growth and quiet strength she had developed through the years, through joy and adversity, accomplishments and failures and mostly, through new challenging experiences.”