Community Corner – Oct. 24

WWS Spotlight

Zalan Gloch (Gr. 11)WWS International Student from Veszprem in Hungary.

What is your most memorable experience so far:

I loved the fall trip and wish I could stay for the winter one as well. It was beautiful scenery and I felt it pushed me out of my comfort zone being out in the wilderness. It was a great experience.

What class (es) are you enjoying?

I really liked Mr. Power’s physics class as I learnt a lot and have been able to expand my English vocabulary. It was really challenging but fun.

You’re a professional videographer. Is this something you would like to do after you graduate? 

I’m not sure yet. It’s definitely an option. I don’t have concrete plans yet, but I’d like to go to an English speaking university in the future so I can work on my English more.

Is there anything that you really enjoy at our school?

I really love the teachers. They are great and very helpful. I also like that we spend more time outside to learn and do more in the outdoors.

Thanks  Zalan and welcome to WWS! 

(Above Photo credit> Zalan is shown with Ms. Orsa Horvath, Waldorf’s Little Cedars Teacher, who is also from Hungary.)


Bulletin Board Listings:


Oct. 24 @ 7pm – Sea to Sky Orchestra in Pemberton:

If you missed the Sea to Sky Orchestra’s last performance at the Whistler Public Library, you can catch it free on Thursday, October 24 in Pemberton. The Sea to Sky Orchestra will play a collection of classical music along with some new favorites including selections from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

Oct. 26 from 10-5pm – Sea to Sky Trans, Two-Spirit, and Gender Diverse: Learn + Share Workshop for all ages, their families, and loved ones in Squamish.

LEARN  …about Trans Care BC and what we do & SHARE  …what is important for you to feel supported as a trans, Two-Spirit or gender diverse person, parent/caregiver or loved one. The Parent Caregiver and Child/Youth sessions are both from 10am – 1pm, and Adult and Care Provider sessions are from 2pm – 5pm. For more details, or to secure your spot, contact Catherine or phone/text 604-341-8316

Volunteering Opportunities at Whistler Olympic Park:

If you like Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or just enjoy being outdoors, consider volunteering at Whistler Olympic Park! Applications are being accepted now for this ski season.