Drama – an example of integration in Waldorf education

” Speech and drama achieve one of the essential goals of Waldorf Education; to integrate thinking, feeling and willing. With this in mind, it is not surprising that this art form is present in every stage of our curriculum.”

Rubeena, Head of School

In our Early Years programs, creative free play makes use of drama and children become kings, queens, animals and more to complete their imaginative play. In our grades and high school classes teachers deepen main lesson learning with thematically linked performances. Every child in the class participates, uniting the class artistically and socially. Students gain self-confidence, appreciation and acceptance among their peers and completion of performances leads to a shared experience of pride.

Many students will likely never occupy a stage space again after school, but they will undoubtedly have gained a deeper understanding of themselves and human development along with a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Grade 8’s upcoming performance of Much Ado About Nothing marks the first class play of the year and I hope that you join us in celebrating these students’ efforts.

Rubeena Sandhu –  Head of School