Community Corner – Dec. 12

WWS Spotlight

Oak Smith – Gr. 8 student

How long have you been a student at WWS?  – Since Grade 2
And what do you like most about our school?
I like that is it art and nature based. I don’t think students in other schools get to use art to learn in the same way we do. I also think that there is a different focus on character.
Tell me what you mean by that.
Well, I think people are able to express themselves and be who they really are. I also like the small size – it is easy to make friends with everyone.
I heard that you shared a poem you wrote at assembly this week
Yes, I’m in a Biology main lesson with Mr. Hazel. We were asked to write a poem answering the question “What is Life?”.  I thought of all of the positive aspects – it’s happy, it’s fun, but I quickly decided that I also wanted to make it realistic and capture more what life really is. I thought, for example, of women and how they might feel insecure about looks at times. I tried to capture all of that.
And you read it to the entire High School? That’s brave!
Actually, I’m trying to do one thing per day that scares me. So, I was nervous, but I did it!

Oak has bravely agreed to share his poem ‘What is Life?’ here. Thank you, Oak!

What is Life
Life is a game
That we all play
It is not a picture frame
That you get to throw away
It is a feeling of grace
Love or sadness
It can be a healing space
Or it can be madness
The choice that we make
Is something we choose
It is not a mistake
To walk in your own shoes
Life can be a symbol
Or love and giving
It seems so simple
But are we alive or are we living
Are we counting the days
Or making the days count
Do we need what they say
Or do we have the perfect amount
Are we crying our tears
Without any strife
Are we counting the years
asking what is life
Are we climbing a mountain
That has no top
Are we drinking from God’s fountain
Thinking when life will stop
Are we feeling unsuitable
Are we just not fantastic
And when we are not feeling beautiful
Do we just turn to plastic
Are we full of anxiety
That will never leave
 Is it because of society
That we give up on what we believe
Do we trap ourselves
In boxes and labels
Are we trapped in hell
Are we mentally stable
Are we comparing our vanity
On our wealth and worth
And do we still have humanity
When we are killing the earth
And when we are all done the hours
When we all pass away
When we are done with our power
Will we die or will we stay
By Oak Smith.

Bulletin Board Listings:

Need more holiday magic? Come for a ‘reindeer’ ride in Pemberton. 

On Sunday Dec 15th – 11am-3pm, come to Mountain Horse’s Christmas event in Pemberton for a reindeer ride (on our well costumed horses), wreath making, family photos, snuggles with the animals, and shop gift cards, memberships and other treasures for your loved ones. Details can be found on our website.


December Youth Centre Calendar: So many events going on… the annual ‘gender bread’ decorating event, the YC’s Turkey Dinner and more. Come on out to the YC in December!.

TONIGHT  – Thursday December 12th  – 5:30 – 7 PM – Annual Holiday Gender Bread Decoration event (Alphabet Soup Event @ WCSS  

Friday December 20th –  7 PM – Amazing dinner sponsored by ALL our fantastic grocers in Whistler (Nesters, Creekside Market, The Grocery Store, Independent Grocers, Fresh St. Market) and deliciously prepared by The Fairmont Chateau Whistler Chefs!

Loads of other HOLIDAY activities… just check out the December Calendar included.



Student Visitors Requesting Temporary Accommodation: There have been 2 visitor requests for short-term (1-3 weeks) accommodation in Whistler for this upcoming ski season. Details of both students are below with contact info. included. A bed or possible couch could do the trick so they can visit and enjoy our wonderful Whistler community for even a small amount of time or to get settled for longer. Thanks for your generosity!

Callum Mather – I’m 16 years old, from Australia and have been travelling around the U.S. for the past three months exploring, hiking and rock climbing. For our second part of the trip we came to explore beautiful British Columbia and hopefully to go snowboarding. I got a Whistler ski pass for my birthday and am hoping to use it for the start of the snow season.

Jonathan Marten – I’m 16 years old, coming from Switzerland where I visit a Waldorf school near to Zurich. At the moment I am on an international stay on Maui, there also visiting a Waldorf school, as my plans coming to Whistler did not work in summer. I am an uncomplicated, happy and sportiv guy and a fascinated Snowboarder.


House swap available in France: Looking for a 3 bedroom plus home in Whistler over the Christmas break 2020 to swap with a Provençal farmhouse in rural area of France, 20 mins from Avignon. (Swap can be non-simultaneous).

Our home is a typical Provençal three storey 1860’s converted farmhouse with sitting room with large open fireplace, dining room, modern kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 3 modern bathrooms. Each room has heat pump heating/air conditioning units and all windows are double glazed. The house has its back to a local road to the north and overlooks a large 6000m2 garden to the south. The garden is mainly grass and trees with a secluded pool and a small vineyard.

Get in touch with Anna Earl for details or call 604-967-3648.