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Leo and Sabrina Chaves – WWS Parents to Gustavo (Gr 8) & Luiza (Gr 3)

You made the big move from Brazil to Whistler a few years ago now. Is Whistler now your permanent home? 

Yes, as a family we’ve chosen Whistler to settle new roots and we are very happy. We found elements here that we consider important like safety for the kids, good education, and diverse culture. The lifestyle you can build here is an amazing mix of working hard and at the same time fully enjoying life. The outdoor life with the exuberant nature is becoming something rare especially being so close to a big center. What our family experiences here is incredible.

Has life in Canada and enrolment in our school brought any surprises? 

Yes when we decided to enroll our kids at WWS the only thing we knew about the method and the school was the online research we did. We liked what we read, but didn’t know how well our kids would adapt. Very quickly we noticed they were thriving in all aspects of their lives. In less than a year, all the family were totally adapted and already felt embraced by the community. We can say that the school was a key element to facilitate such a good transition. We had our own challenges in the first year but considering the big picture it couldn’t be better. Today our kids are almost more Canadians than Brazilians and I say that in a good way. We love our country, we miss our family, but Whistler became home and the WWS is our kids’ main reference offering the tools they need to grow.

I know you have been donating lots of time and energy behind the scenes to the school & Whistler Summit Centre. December is often a time associated with giving –  in recognition of that, what prompts you to give your time so generously?

When we decided to move to Whistler, as a family we worked to have a clear view of our values. Time is one of the most valuable commodities today but I believe this is about choices and priorities. Over the last two years an unique opportunity was presented to create something incredible for our School and our community. I started searching to better understand the school’s needs and acting the best way I can to support those short term needs. But I think it’s important to look and work on the long term as well, so not only my kids but all newcomers can access Waldorf education. Whistler Summit Centre will not not only allow that to happen but will also create a ripple effect to develop and support the local community.

Thank you Leo! We’re happy you have made Whistler and WWS home for your family.


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What’s Happening at the YC in December:

December Youth Centre Calendar: So many events going on… the annual ‘gender bread’ decorating event, the YC’s Turkey Dinner and more. Come on out to the YC in December!.

TOMORROW – Friday December 20th at  7 PM – Amazing dinner sponsored by ALL our fantastic grocers in Whistler (Nesters, Creekside Market, The Grocery Store, Independent Grocers, Fresh St. Market) and deliciously prepared by The Fairmont Chateau Whistler Chefs!

Loads of other HOLIDAY activities… just check out the December Calendar included above.


Student Visitors Requesting Temporary Accommodation:

There have been 2 visitor requests for short-term (1-3 weeks) accommodation in Whistler for this upcoming ski season. Details of both students are below with contact info. included. A bed or possible couch could do the trick so they can visit and enjoy our wonderful Whistler community for even a small amount of time or to get settled for longer. Thanks for your generosity!

Callum Mather – I’m 16 years old, from Australia and have been travelling around the U.S. for the past three months exploring, hiking and rock climbing. For our second part of the trip we came to explore beautiful British Columbia and hopefully to go snowboarding. I got a Whistler ski pass for my birthday and am hoping to use it for the start of the snow season.

Jonathan Marten – I’m 16 years old, coming from Switzerland where I visit a Waldorf school near to Zurich. At the moment I am on an international stay on Maui, there also visiting a Waldorf school, as my plans coming to Whistler did not work in summer. I am an uncomplicated, happy and sportiv guy and a fascinated Snowboarder.


House swap available in France:

Looking for a 3 bedroom plus home in Whistler over the Christmas break 2020 to swap with a Provençal farmhouse in rural area of France, 20 mins from Avignon. (Swap can be non-simultaneous).

Our home is a typical Provençal three storey 1860’s converted farmhouse with sitting room with large open fireplace, dining room, modern kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 3 modern bathrooms. Each room has heat pump heating/air conditioning units and all windows are double glazed. The house has its back to a local road to the north and overlooks a large 6000m2 garden to the south. The garden is mainly grass and trees with a secluded pool and a small vineyard.

Get in touch with Anna Earl for details or call 604-967-3648.