Understanding the need for unstructured play

What are your favorite memories of childhood play?

If you’re like millions of other people, most of those memories happened outdoors and included a lot of nature-based play. For instance: digging holes; exploring little creeks; building stick forts or tree houses; hiding in secret spots; or just “mucking around”.

For countless generations, nature play has been a defining part of childhood. Whistler Waldorf School has long recognized the need for children of all ages to have daily, unstructured outdoor play.

“In the long hours of unstructured play, children can discover their own interests and forge a life-long connection with their truest selves.”

Gabriel Alden-Hull, Early Years Faculty Chair.

Students in our Little Cedars and Early Years Spring Creek playschool programs as well as our Briar Rose kindergarten programs spend 2-3 hours outdoors daily in Whistler’s beautiful outdoors.