Back to School events @ WWS

*This is a student journalist submission from India Bruns & Anya Pielecka , a WWS High School student.

Back to School BBQ

On Friday the 10th of September most of the Whistler Waldorf community ended the first week of school together with a big back to school BBQ. Students and their families enjoyed themselves drinking lemonade, eating burgers, hot dogs and catching up with their friends after summer break. „It’s nice seeing everybody back together“ – Sonya Hwang, parent. Grade eleven contributed to the BBQ with doing a bake sale by donation for their grade twelve trip. The back to school BBQ was a great way of celebrating the start of a new school year.

Scavenger hunt: Out of this world! 

To finish off the first school week, teachers surprised the Highschool students with a scavenger Hunt that took place in the last two periods of school. Over ten teams were competing against each other. The teams were given clues that led them to various locations all over the school property. In each location the teams had to find a letter, which would be part of one of three word. The team to first find all the letters and figure out the words was the winning team. It took about 40 minutes until a winner was declared. The Words: Mars, Rover and perseverance. All teams were rewarded with candy. This Scavenger hunt was a nice way of ending the first week of school.