High School work experience ‘pays off’

Most people have heard of the popular call-to-action of “Pay It Forward”. This story below is a perfect example of the way students can give back to the community, but at the same time get something back in return. It’s not only the extra sense of self-confidence and citizenship awareness that students feel while they are helping out, it’s the relative and applicable job-skills and work experience that they walk away with when it’s done.

Whistler Waldorf High School has always offered our High School students a work experience week. While our Grade 10 & 11 students’ experiences are individualized to allow them to explore various career options of interest, our Grade 8 students are given practical learning experiences that take place on a farm. Through working with various Pemberton based farms, we help our students establish conceptual understanding and physical competency in a wide range of skills and areas of farm production: forestry, animal husbandry, carpentry, organic vegetable production, and beyond.

As our students interact, nurture, and care for the wellbeing of plants and animals, they learn to develop a sense of empathy and compassion for them. This is vital to an individual’s ability to significantly contribute to the betterment of their community, country and world. Likewise, the more students learn about their environment, the more they are imbued with the awareness necessary to become informed and active global participants who protect our natural world.

A big thank you to Nurture in Nature Community Garden, Mountain Horse School and WCSS for providing these valuable learning opportunities.

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