Michelle Bergeron – WWS Alum Parent

“My deepest memories encompass many moments of our founding families; Kirkegaard’s, Bunbury’s and Vogler’s parents, grandparents and kids all working through our heads, hearts and hands to give an opportunity for everyone to have a Waldorf Education in the Whistler community. There were so many moments; bottle drives and hot dog roasts in the school parking lots, violin jigs during the soup contest, at the base of Blackcomb, thanks to Peggy, and many ‘Waldorf 101’ meetings in our homes to learn about the “best kept secret” in education. Our potluck dinners inspired planning and research to create a unique Waldorf School which resonated with the needs of the community. Our students actually took the Whistler Gondola up to classes in the day lodge, thanks to Vicky, as we waited for occupancy in our new school building. The biggest challenge, which continues today, is having others recognize Waldorf Education as an enormous benefit and value to our community and the globe.”