Community Corner – Oct. 17

WWS Spotlight

Jacqueline Maartense, Peter Giesebrecht & Ciara (Gr. 8)WWS Family Members/Student

Tell Me About Yourself:

We moved to Whistler in 2014 with a plan to spend one year in the area.  Six years later Ciara graduated from Ecole La Passerelle.  We are hybrid locals and continue to spend our summers in Pembroke, Ontario. Ciara and I co-founded a company together called Mountain Mystery Games. It’s a Whistler-themed, live, interactive gaming experience for parties, team building and fundraising. Ciara’s goal this year is to fund fifty business women in developing countries through the game sale proceeds. Ciara is also writing a circus-themed mystery for younger kids. Professionally, Peter does real estate development and I run a strategy consulting practice for high tech start-ups, and coach local youth about entrepreneurship in association with Junior Achievers.

What brings you to WWS?

We have good family friends who attend WWS. We’ve watched their kids thrive in the Waldorf community.  As we pondered our high school options, we decided to check out Waldorf.  Here we are!

Has there anything that has surprised you at our school?

Ciara’s biggest surprise has been her freedom in the classroom.  She had never experienced Waldorf’s style of learning.  Our biggest surprise is that she likes Shakespeare!

Is there anything that your child is particularly enjoying?

Ciara thinks that the Waldorf teaching method makes learning a lot more fun.  She has found it more challenging than other school environments.

Thanks Jaqueline and welcome to WWS! 


Bulletin Board Listings:


Oct. 24 @ 7pm – Sea to Sky Orchestra in Pemberton:

If you missed the Sea to Sky Orchestra’s last performance at the Whistler Public Library, you can catch it free on Thursday, October 24 in Pemberton. The Sea to Sky Orchestra will play a collection of classical music along with some new favorites including selections from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

Teacher Accommodation Needed:

Hello! My name is Olivia Hanna. I am currently teaching kindergarten at the Whistler Waldorf School. I am searching for a place to live in Whistler long term by mid November, but I can move in sooner. My budget is $1000-$1200  for a room in a shared house. Non-smoking. I have no pets. Tidy, quiet, 35 years old. Just moved to Whistler from Ontario in late summer. Hoping to spend free time skiing and enjoying the beautiful nature here. I also enjoy yoga, hiking, cooking and knitting. If you know of a room that might be a good fit, please send me an email or text. Thank you for your help! Pls. contact me at my email or 647-673-5891.

Christmas vacation rental needed:

Intl. student Miguel’s family would like to visit over Christmas but having a hard time finding lodging. They are planning to come from Dec 25th to Jan 4th. Budget is approx $300/night. Please contact Lorena.