Parents helping the students at WWS

The WWS PAC is a group of volunteer parents whose primary focus is community engagement.

PAC establishes connections and creates experiences to enrich WWS family and student experiences. By liaising with WWS staff, parent volunteers work to build bridges between school and home, creating an ever-deepening spirit of community. This is achieved by offering a wide range of activities and events (e.g. Back-to School BBQ & Winter Fair). The PAC’s secondary aim is supplementary fundraising for the advancement of our school. All parents are warmly welcome to attend monthly PAC meetings and contribute ideas for how to make your experience as a WWS parent meaningful.

Get involved as you are able and make a difference for your child and for our school!

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for you to choose from, from hot lunch days to Winter Fair planning. Contact WWS PAC Chair, Niki Vankerk for more information at

WWS PAC Executive 2022-23

Chair: Niki Vankerk

Co-Chair: Sarah Clark

Treasurer: Kristina Salin

Secretary: Jessica Averiss