Grade 2

Whistler Waldorf School

Awakening new faculties and subjective feelings

Curriculum outline

  • English:
    Exploring storytelling processes; stories of good and noble people, of heroes and legends, of animal fables from around the world.
    Lower case letters and writing self-created texts. Through writing, introduction to reading.
    Features of language, conventions of language.
  • Mathematics:
    Introduction to place value. Continuing work with the four processes. Skip counting and multiplication tables. Vertical addition and subtraction
  • Form Drawing
  • Nature Study:
    through Aesop’s fables, First Nations stories, and direct observation on nature walks.
  • Singing, pentatonic flute and classroom instruments.
  • Handwork: Knitting, Crochet
  • Outdoor Games
  • Second Language: French
  • Painting, Drawing and beeswax modelling
  • Woodwork