2021 Fall Outdoor Trip to Marriott Basin

The basis of Whistler Waldorf’s Outdoor Education BC approved program is founded on Nicolette Sowder’s quote – “If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.”

How young people learn and develop will determine how they act and make decisions throughout their lives. The ability of young people to make informed decisions about their relationship to nature has profound implications for both the environment and our collective wellbeing. Studies have shown that contact is key: if children learn, play and interact with nature, they will value and cherish it and Waldorf Schools around the world strive to co-exist in a right relationship with the earth.

Each one of our HS students had the opportunity last week to spend four days in the Marriott Basin as part of our robust Outdoor Education program. In addition to fostering an intimate relationship with the outdoors, these trips help students build leadership and collaborative skills and push boundaries through risk-taking.