Learning the appreciation of the outdoors at an early age

Gardening & Outdoor Natural Connections

A commitment to environmental sustainability stands as one of WWS’ core values. We nurture this dedication by offering our students purposeful and meaningful opportunities to forge connections with the natural world. Beginning with outdoor play in the Early Years and extending into a customized Outdoor Education curriculum in High School, each initiative is designed to suit the developmental stage of the student, fostering an enduring connection with the natural surroundings that envelop our school. 

In Waldorf Education, outdoor time in the early years is a fundamental component of the curriculum, emphasizing a deep connection to nature, free play, and the development of the whole child. Children typically spend a significant portion of their day outdoors, regardless of the weather. This practice helps them develop a connection to the natural world and an appreciation for seasonal changes and help support the development of gross and fine motor skills. 

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