A Not-For-Profit School Society

Committed to a Strong Learning Environment

Whistler Waldorf School was established in 2000 as a not-for-profit learning centre for Waldorf education in the Sea to Sky Corridor. It was constructed as a school society with registered charity status with governance from an unpaid Board of Trustees. The principal goal is to support a comprehensive education in a learning environment that always considers the student in mind.

Educational & Administrative Team 

The legal, financial and governance responsibilities for the school rest with the Board of Trustees of the Whistler Waldorf School Society. It is the Board’s responsibility to make possible, physically and financially, the educational initiatives undertaken by the Faculty of Teachers. The Board of Trustees is comprised of 3-8 parents, 1-2 teachers, 1-2 outside community members (without children at the school), the Chair of the Parent Council, and possibly, past Administration and Education Directors of Whistler Waldorf School.

The trustees bring a wide range of credentials, education and work experience:

  • University degrees in accounting, economics, administration, commerce, languages, marketing, arts and design, and education.
  • Executive level management and corporate planning, arts administration, public relations, branding and marketing, entrepreneurial skills and experience, team building and strategic planning.
  • Teaching experience in public and Waldorf schools from preschool to high school level, senior management of children’s programs, participation in planning for construction of an 8,000-square-foot children’s centre.

The Faculty, which consists of all teachers employed at the school, is responsible for delivering the Waldorf curriculum to the students. Twice weekly staff meetings aim to: deepen spiritual study, leading to a greater understanding of what it is to be human and through this a profound understanding of child development. They share perceptions and study of each of the children, as well as cover the business and operations of running the school.

Whistler Waldorf School teachers are here to connect, nurture, inspire and awaken a love for learning amongst their students – they are deeply committed to their classes, their collegial relationships, and the school. Waldorf teachers model respectful communication, community engagement and environmental stewardship . . . all qualities they aspire to foster in their students. They are highly qualified and trained, and bring a well-rounded list of credentials, including education, arts and science degrees, in addition to Waldorf teacher training:

  • University degrees in education, English, media arts, politics, history, environmental sciences and geography, kinesiology, psychology, business, tourism management, physical education, outdoor recreation, communications
  • Waldorf teacher training certificates from Germany, UK, US (California, New York, New Hampshire)
  • Early Childhood Education certificates and Waldorf Early Childhood teacher certificates

Teachers and administrative staff are offered a comprehensive compensation package, with salary levels based on experience, years of service and education.  Extended health benefits, staff tuition benefits (for staff with children at the school), and significant professional development training are also included.  This supports the school’s commitment to attracting and retaining the best staff.

The Operational Management Team works together to support the Faculty of Teachers, Board of Trustees, and Parent Council and to ensure the smooth functioning of the daily operations of the school, including admissions, implementation of BC Ministry of Education policies, enrollment, facility management, community relations, and marketing. The team generally consists of:

  • Head of School
  • Director of Business and Finance
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Advancement
  • School Chairs – Early Years, Grade School, High School & Student Support
  • Administration Support Staff

The purpose of the Parent Action Council (all parents in the school) and Parent Council (the governing body of the PAC) is to foster a healthy creative energy and environment, which supports all members of the school community allowing the life of the school to be warm and inviting to all of its members. The Parent Council works with and is served by the Director of Advancement.

The Parent Council facilitates all fundraising activities and aims to create a social network of Whistler Waldorf parents through our many events. To assist with the ongoing development of the school, we conduct several fundraising initiatives during the year and support a variety of “fun-raising” and parent enrichment activities.