Come Tour Whistler Waldorf School in 2020

Book a personalized school tour* and learn more about Whistler Waldorf School’s unique characteristics and educational programs for Playschool, Grade School and High School.

  • Small class sizes
  • Arts-based approach
  • Early French instruction (from Grade 1)
  • Non sectarian & Non Denominational
  • Outdoor Education specialization
  • Unique handwork & practical arts additions
  • Service work, community building & cultural exchanges.

Practical details about our Admissions Process & Financial Aid Program will also be addressed. The best way to make an informed decision is to see it in action yourself.

Tour Dates for January/February:

Tuesdays – January 28, February 4 and 11

Thursdays – January 30, February 6 and 13th

Book a tour today –  RSVP to Admissions or Call 604-932-1885. If you can not make any of the above dates, please connect and let us know when might work for you.

*Up to 3 families may attend 1 tour, but specific questions/programs can be addressed during the tour.


EYC Opens today! Thank you to the community!

Today the Whistler Waldorf School Early Years Centre in Spring Creek officially opened its doors! This opening marks the end of months of preparations and countless hours of work.  It also marks the beginning of more quality early childhood programming in our community.

We wish to once again gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia, the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, the Resort Municipality of Whistler and the Community Foundation of Whistler. Many individual donors also supported this important initiative by giving generously at the Whistler Waldorf School fundraising gala held this past June. THANK YOU!

In addition, we’d like to acknowledge the ongoing support of MLA Jordon Sturdy, WCSS Director Jackie Dickinson and Roger Weetman of the RMOW. Their letters of support helped strengthen the Whistler Waldorf School’s provincial grant application allowing us the opportunity to operate the new childcare centre. Gratitude also goes out to the Sea to Sky Community Services Society for their patience and flexibility as the facility lease holder – we are excited to be sharing the building with other local not-for-profit organizations doing great work in our community including Zero Ceiling and Howe Sound Women’s Centre.

Through the generous efforts of all the above, the Whistler Waldorf School Early Years Centre is excited to open its doors and enthusiastically welcomes you to come and take a peek! 

For more information, explore the Early Years Centre and contact Admissions to book a personal tour.

Fall Board Update including Summit Centre details

Fall update from the WWS board

This fall, David Udow, former Board Chair, has formally stepped down as a board member, having served the 6 year consecutive maximum term. We thank David for his many years of contribution and wisdom in helping guide the school through some important years of growth and change. We wish David well as he looks towards spending more time focusing on growing his business. David will continue to assist WWS and the board from the background.

The WWS board has also added two additional members. PJ O’Heany (father of Savannah, Gr, 9 and Aiden, a WWS graduate) and Tony Horn (father of Lucy, Gr. 8) have officially joined our team.

Tony has also taken over the position as board treasurer. We thank them for stepping up and helping to support our teachers, faculty and students. Lastly, Amanda Imregi has offered to assist myself as Board Chair with minutes and other administrative duties. Thank you, Amanda, for your help.


The Board of Trustees is regularly looking for other contributors to either sit on the Board of Trustees or one of the board’s committees including finance, marketing, legal, and governance. If you are interested, please reach out to Geoff Telfer, current Board Chair for Whistler Waldorf.

Whistler Summit Centre Design Charettes
The Whistler Summit Centre Board and staff have been busy over the summer and fall on many behind-the-scenes projects to support our common goal. To recap, the Whistler Summit Centre will be a basecamp for learning, arts and culture, and health and wellness for our community with the Whistler Waldorf School as the long-term anchor tenant.
A critical project that launched in September is a four-part design charette process being led by architect, Tye Farrow. Tye is helping participants in the Founder’s Circle, a group of Whistler Waldorf School leaders (Rubeena Sandhu, Brian Gohlke, Ellen Maclean, and myself) and other Whistler community leaders create a shared vision for the future Whistler Summit Centre campus.
Working with a scale model and blocks of space representing classrooms, gym, art studios, etc, the group is moving the various blocks around to explore the best arrangement of spaces to meet a variety of uses. These sessions have been highly interactive and enjoyable and reflective of the positive energy that emanates from our school and community.
More information about the Whistler Summit Centre can be found on their website.

Establishing healthy social skills at an Early Age

Children are encouraged to share, to work together, to care for each other and to respect the needs of others.

Children help perform a myriad of tasks including preparing snacks, setting the table, sweeping, and washing up after meals. An emphasis on gratitude, intention of preparation, and table manners helps develop lifelong social skills and a sense of responsibility.

Learn more about the Early Years program or contact Admissions to arrange a private tour of the Early Years Centre.

Winter Faire is back again Dec. 7

Join us at our annual Winter Faire on December 7 to make seasonal crafts with your child. The Faire will feature beeswax candle dipping, candle rolling, woodworking and several other crafts including this wooden Santa.

The WWS Winter Faire has become a holiday tradition eagerly anticipated by families throughout the community. Festive craft making is a simple way of giving children an opportunity to express their creativity and make a special gift for someone on their list.

Date: Saturday, December 7
Time: 10-2 pm
Location: 7324 Kirkpatrick Way

Restorative Justice & Waldorf Education

“We can say ‘Peace on Earth.’ We can sing about it, preach about it or pray about it, but if we have not internalized the mythology to make it happen inside us, then it will not be.”

Betty Shabazz – American Civil Rights Educator

All human beings are valued and relational.  This is a tenet of Restorative Justice and a place where Waldorf Education and Restorative Justice principles completely align.  In Waldorf Education a meaningful bond between teachers and students is essential to both academic success and personal growth.  In Restorative Justice respect, dignity and mutual concerns form the three pillars of creating a cohesive and connected community.

This week the North Shore Restorative Justice Society worked with teachers to help us hold community building circles in an intentional way. Circles are a way people in many cultures have come together as a community to talk about important issues and resolve problems.  Circle process is facilitated through a talking piece, allowing for thoughtful reflection, attentive listening and an unhurried pace.

The objective for circles is that students will feel they have been seen, heard, understood and that they have given and received respect.

Rubeena Sandhu – Head of School

New Early Years Centre sneak peak…

Our new Early Years Centre in Spring Creek is set to open on Dec. 2nd. The newly renovated space has wood furniture and accessories and a new circle carpet to welcome the children.

“It is looking great. So much natural light and lots of space. It’s hard to see from the pictures, but it’s long with two separate play spaces, a nap room, and two bathrooms. There are also two lovely outdoor play spaces”, says Jen Dodds, Admissions Manager.

Space is still available for the 2019-20 for children 30 months to school age.

If you’re interested in having a private tour, please email Jen.


Days: 2, 3, 4 & 5 Day options available – Monday-Friday.


Months: Care is offered year-round.

Location: Sea-to-Sky Services Building @ 1519 Spring Creek Drive.

Honoring the strength of human will, courage & initiative at Michaelmas –

“Each student must face their own difficulties in life… and Michaelmas both educates and empowers the children to find the courage to take on and defeat their personal ‘dragons’ and let hope prevail.”                                Rubeena Sandhu – Head of School
There is no mistaking that the time for our annual Festival of Courage or Michaelmas is drawing near!  The weather has changed abruptly, and autumn is upon us. In our school, two different pictures are brought before the children at this time. One is the image of the fall harvest and the other is the image of the hero who tames the dragon.

In common with Waldorf schools around the world we celebrate Michaelmas to find hope and honor the strength of human will, courage and initiative. The festival coincides with equinox, a turning point in relation to light and darkness in the world. Each student must face their own difficulties in life, both internal and external, and Michaelmas both educates and empowers the children to find the courage to take on and defeat their personal “dragons” and let hope prevail.

The students have been busy this week preparing – our youngest students have dyed and sewn capes and crowns; Grade 1 & 2 will bake our bread; Grade 3 & 4 will prepare our soup, Grades 5 & 6 will bake cookies and Grades 7 and up will help set up and serve.

We look forward to having you join us tomorrow – Friday, October 4 at 12:00 to participate and enjoy a bowl of harvest soup!

Rubeena Sandhu –  Head of School

The Three Fundamental Forces in Education: Balance in Teaching

Dear Parents and Guardians,

100 years ago, society and education had moved towards a more differentiated system, separating sciences from the arts, the arts from morality, and athletics from academics. Today, finally, educational systems all over the world are “catching up” to Steiner’s observations that separating these fundamental spheres of activity for children could be detrimental to their healthy development, and in fact, advocated that it is in their union that learning becomes an art, and education becomes a vital healing force in a young person’s life.

Rudolf Steiner mentored teachers, and called teachers to task, ensuring that their teaching incorporated a balance and integration of the arts, and sciences. This was, and still is, a fundamental basis for Waldorf Schools.

100 years ago Rudolf Steiner emphasized that the Waldorf approach was a great deal more than simply the application of a teaching method. His new art of education was born out of a knowledge of the growing child as a holistic being – embodying body, soul, and spirit.

This year is the 100th anniversary of Waldorf Education and we believe that one hundred years is only the beginning. In celebration, we will be highlighting the breadth of our curriculum over the course of the year and warmly invite you to join!

Rubeena Sandhu, Head of School

Changing seasons; Back to School rhythms

The return of the school year brings us all together again while the summer days are coming to a close.  As the sun rays diminish we now begin to turn inward, and can be excited and challenged to turn also, to the fiery warmth of our school community in the fall.  The turning of the leaves are a beautiful vision, yet can be a symbol of a cyclic transitions within a familiar environment: the returning rhythms of school, the bustle of after school programs, homework and packed lunches, the complexity of old relationships and the challenges of new ones.

As the leaves turn, let us honour our students, our children, our colleagues and ourselves. As we adjust to the changing season, let us turn to each other as partners, and enjoy each other in another school year of growth and development for all.

Rubeena Sandhu, Head of School