Fun Links & Resources for Home

We know students may be needing some new and fun activities in the interim and parents are struggling to balance work, child care and self-care.

We have compiled a list of links to additional resources if you are looking for ways to keep the young minds in your house active.

New! The Ministry of Education has launched its Keep Learning website which includes educational links to free learning activities. This is a great resource for B.C.’s school community.

Please see the tabs below with educational links and materials for many different ages:

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WWS Community Posts


Online mini-concert for music learning

Distance learning continues – WWS Gr. 4 students still participate in music classes and enjoy a mini-concert online, playing for one another to keep everyone motivated!  Image Attachments: Title: 94701208_3127135857350310_7931270420508966912_oEmail Address:


Distance Learning Waldorf style.

Gr. 8’s are learning about the American, French and Industrial Revolution as part of World Geography, comparing the values, worldviews, and beliefs of human cultures and societies in different times and places. Students are encouraged to explore different mediums and forms of expression in their assignments to provide learning through hands-on discovery and experience, even from […]

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Art re-creation at home… the Getty Museum Challenge

Art re-created at home! Some grade 7 students participated in the Art History Challenge that recreated works of art with objects (and even younger siblings) that were found at home during self-isolation. Image Attachments: Title: 96239052_3158994174164478_6883293379468197888_n Title: 96376286_3158988470831715_4638331252502429696_o Title: 96418479_3158994064164489_76982564316774400_n Title: 97044637_3158993127497916_1589440926642601984_oEmail Address:

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