Sheila Sherkat & Mark Beaven – WWS Alum Parents

“Among my most cherished memories of our time at The Alta Lake School, later to be named the Whistler Waldorf School is the special place Molli Reynolds will always hold in our hearts. Her sincere dedication and warm welcome each day to her class, and the kind, caring and compassionate guidance Molli brought through her lessons with humour wit and patience was a reassurance that we made the right decision to enrol our children in this school.

Christine Cook and Aegir Morgan are also two individuals we hold in high regard. I remember the conversation on a field trip with Christine where we pondered and imagined the possibility of creating a high school here in Whistler. It seemed so distant a possibility but with energy, enthusiasm and dedication, our WWS community brought it to fruition! We have fun memories of Aegir break dancing in the Field House during a grade 7 Moving Up ceremony and surfing in Tofino. Wes Fegan has also supported both our children and their classes. They share so many memories of fun times on field trips, PE classes and at lunch break playing hackey sack and man hunt.

Last but not least, Emma Wardrop was an incredible guardian, English teacher and mentor for our daughter. She accompanied the grade 12 class on many adventures from the alpine to the coffee farms of Costa Rica on the grade 12 service trip. Her classes were always engaging and inspiring for both our children.”