Up to $5000 bursary for New Students

We have extended the deadline to apply for WWS’ New Student Scholarship Fund to June 1.

Up to four scholarships will be awarded to newly enrolling students. Preference is given to incoming students in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2.

The scholarship provides $5,000 towards tuition and is renewable for two additional years provided the recipient continues to thrive at our school and demonstrate the qualities for which the scholarship is given.

View more details about our accessible tuition and scholarship programs, as well as information on the Admissions process.

How to Apply & More Information

Schedule an online meeting to find out more about why choosing a Waldorf education for your child(ren) may be more than you expected.

Email us to find out how to apply before June 1. 

Original Post from Feb. 27

Announcing! New Student Scholarship Fund

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