Diane Riley – WWS Former Staff & Alum. Parent

Excerpt from Diane Riley – WWS Former Staff &  Alum. Parent

The founding families, faculty, staff and the volunteers from within the school community and the community at large are in my heart for holding the vision, gathering the talents and taking action around the incredible entity that is WWS.  There is one Dad alone who for sure painted the first 15 layers in the kindergarten :)

In 2006 my family joined the school when there were about 40 students, Early Years to Gr 8.  The first all-school activity we attended was the Michaelmas celebration.  The entire school community of students, their families, faculty & staff stood in a circle holding hands and singing the festival’s traditional songs on the grass out front of the original school building.  It felt like we created a big circle being 75 people or so but, truth be told, we were spread apart and our hands were stretched to reach each other.   The relationships that were established that day are ones I cherish very much and continue to enjoy today.

WWS experienced a big enrollment jump from 99 to 150 students over the summer of 2011 and in September I had the delight to start working as the School Secretary/Receptionist.  That meant our admin team saw a huge leap in numbers too…it grew by 25% from 3 to 4!  Over the years I had the privilege of learning-by-doing under the guidance and mentorship of the founders.  My roles evolved yet they were always administrative in nature.   Who doesn’t love a good paper trail & administrative process? I do!  Who doesn’t love committee meetings, grant writing, Ministry of Education submissions, charitable status annual reporting, applications for liquor licenses to support annual fundraising events, Gaming Grant applications, the Parent Support Group Annual General Meeting prep and follow up??  I do and I did and the opportunity to serve the children and the faculty that support their development at the Whistler Waldorf School is one of the biggest honors of my life.

In 2017 my time working at the school wrapped up.  The last all-school activity I attended was the St John Day celebration in June marking the final day of school (jumping the hay bale and eating ice cream!).   250+ people were there!  It felt like a big group and our activities covered all the grassy areas surrounding the school buildings.  I have enjoyed every Rose Ceremony, graduation, festival, performance, and fair my family & I attended at WWS.   These are memories I cherish deeply and will think of fondly forever.

Many thanks to my fellow parents and fellow colleagues over the years for their grace and whole-heartedness.  Congratulations to all of us on celebrating 20 years of WWS!   Cheers of support & my best wishes to the current school community as you move the Whistler Waldorf School into the next 20 years.

Gavin, Diane’s son knitting at WWS.