Recent Gr. 9 Work: Chemistry Main Lesson Books


Glimpse into the Classroom

 Outstanding work for the Gr. 9’s Chemistry main lesson books

In our high school, every day begins with a two-hour lesson in a core subject such as science, math or humanities. Each main lesson block lasts 3-4 weeks, taught by teachers specializing in the subject. These lessons have an artistic or movement component that enhances the learning experience.

Grade 9 students recently completed an organic chemistry main lesson block. These are just a few pages of one student’s 30+ page main lesson book. Creating one’s own book anchors knowledge more solidly than simply reading a textbook and the enthusiastic pride students take in creating their books demonstrates a true joy in learning.

View some of the recent work by two of the Grade 9 students:

Sample Book 1                                                                                    Sample Book 2