Peggy Vogler – WWS Founding Parent

“I think the aspect of Waldorf that inspired me the most was its intentional focus on humanity and what makes us human. The appreciation of beauty and nature and our natural rhythms; the focus on physically doing things with our hands, the focus on the fine arts, music, literature; all of this changed my life immeasurably and I immediately knew it was what I wanted most for my children.
My fondest memories, and proudest moments, were definitely when we physically opened our schools. The camaraderie between all the families when we opened the first school on the Alta Lake Road was so beautiful. We had so few resources but each family brought their area of expertise and we were so creative with acquiring what we physically needed for free or cheap: desks, chairs, chalk boards; sewing curtains, painting walls all done while imagining the excitement of the children when they saw their beautiful school. It was truly heartwarming.
Three years later we did it all again when we moved to Spruce Grove. We put it out all out on the line to get into that space with parents stepping up to do everything from preparing the site to guaranteeing their homes against the first loan we needed to purchase the portables! More painting, fence building, landscaping, scouring yard sales – all done by parents who were passionately driven to make the school a reality. When it all actually came together and the children and families arrived it was probably one of the proudest moments I’ve ever experienced.”