Parent Education Resource Links

Whistler Waldorf School Parent Education

We have compiled the following resources to support parents and caregivers of children of all ages.

Risk, Resilience and the Changing Reality of Adolescence in North America by Charlotte Jacklein (925K PDF)

An Intentional Education with Brian Gohlke (YouTube)

Turning Education On Its Head with Douglas Gerwin (YouTube)

Turning Education On Its Head – Written Summary (389K PDF)

Waldorf 201 Presentation by Principal Aegir Morgan

DADD – a gentle, effective discipline tool for parents and caregivers (227K PDF)

The Compassionate Response Exercise (506K PDF)

What is a toy? And the Importance of Free Play (592K PDF)

What To Do with All That Art?! (338K PDF)

While You Are Not Sleeping (64K PDF)

The Healing Power of Sleep (68K PDF)