Local scholarship for new students

WWS is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our New Student Scholarship fund. Local Sea to Sky families are encouraged to apply, as students selected as a WWS New Student Scholarship recipient are entitled to $5000 annually or approximately 50% tuition support for three years*.  

*Please note: School supplies fees and trip fees are not included in the scholarship benefit. Eligibility criteria must be met for continuation of funding. 

New Student Eligibility Criteria:

Waldorf education can only achieve its fullest potential with the active involvement of each student’s family.  

The ideal candidate family will: 

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to understanding Waldorf education, including our school’s media guidelines and policies 
  • Demonstrate an active interest in participating in their child’s school life 
  • Attend class meetings, parent conferences, and parent education events 
  • Have either never attended, or have not attended a Waldorf school in the last five years 
  • Have been accepted for enrollment at WWS 

Tuition Adjustment available for Siblings:

Further tuition adjustment and other tuition discounts are not available to scholarship recipients. However, families enrolling siblings of the scholarship recipient are welcome to apply for tuition adjustment for those applicants.

As per our Tuition and Fee Schedule, the oldest sibling of the scholarship recipient will owe the 1st Student Tuition Rate at that student’s grade level; the second oldest sibling will receive the 25% sibling discount and so on. Playschool students 5 and under are not eligible for New Student Scholarships, sibling discounts or considered in calculations of sibling discounts, as there are separate Early Years financial discounts that my be applicable.

Thanks to the WWS Community:

The WWS New Student Scholarship Program is made possible in part through the financial support of community members who value Waldorf education. The Scholarship Selection Committee includes members of our PAC, Board of Trustees and Administrative team. 

Applications for the WWS New Student Scholarship Program for the 2021-22 academic year will be accepted until April 15, 2021. Preference will given to incoming Grade 1 –4 students and Grade 8. 

Awards granted before April 30, 2021. 

Questions about the WWS Entrance Scholarship Program?  Contact Jen Dodds, Director of Advancement 

Admissions Now Open!

Register now for the 2020/21 School year. You can set-up a personal, online meeting to ask questions or fill-out an application form online to start the conversation. Either way, we are happy to help and to make sure your decision is an informed one and the right one for your family.