Community Corner – May 7

WWS Spotlight

A chance to meet our school community

Nina Moore – WWS Grade 3 Teacher

Spotlight Throwback!

Here below is Nina’s spotlight we featured back in Dec. 2018 before the Winter Faire festival.

Crafting and handwork is an important piece of Waldorf Education. Could you provide a brief comment on the role it plays in your own life?

The act of creating something – anything – brings me a feeling of peace and purpose. Actually completing a painting, drawing or craft brings me immense satisfaction. For me, it’s a human need I try to honor on a regular basis. I keep my hands busy. My work has improved with practice over the years, certainly, but what I’m making doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s not the point. I’m usually creating with my children playing around me, my husband cooking, friend’s chatting. Creation is a part of my everyday life, and it’s part of what keeps me smiling and excited about each new day!

What are your favourite materials to use for your creations and why?
I work with a variety of mediums, depending on my available time and mood! Over the past several years I’ve been transitioning my arts & crafts stash to natural materials – 100% cotton fabrics, wool roving, felts and yarns, wood, leather, metal, glass, paper and canvas. I’ve even experimented with making my own charcoal, paints and inks from natural sources, which is very satisfying to do.

I think I owe it to myself and the world to create art in a sustainable way, with materials that bring an added element of ‘life’ to my work.

What creations do you usually sell at Winter Faire?

“My booth will be an eclectic mix of handmade-by-me goods! I have a few beautiful fabric dolls to treasure. A selection of paintings – mostly watercolours – and printed greetings card bundles. There will also be some cute fully reversible cotton lunch totes, with matching utensil roll ups – I use my own for school lunch every day, and made my whole family sets. They carry them in their backpacks all summer, for work lunches, picnics and take outs. Copies of “I’m Going Skiing,” a colouring book I created with Alex Wilde for children starting ski school for the first time. Bright, bold and beautiful random treasures! And of course, the most traditional Christmas gifts you could possibly find, vials of real gold, frankincense and myrrh.”* (*From Dec. 2018, WWS E-News)

Thank you Nina for sharing your passion for arts and crafting! 

Bulletin Board Listings

Event and  ISO Posts from our community

High School Clubs Started

This week HS clubs have started this week!


Wednesday Period 3 2:00-3:00 Art & Tech Club with Ms. Bostrom

This week and next week we will be learning origami making! Flower, swan…who knows what else?! Soon to come CAD architecture.

Thursday Period 3 2:00-3:00 Yearbook & Student Council with Ms. Maclean

This week and next week we will be finishing up the yearbook pages, almost ready for print!

We will also be brainstorming an idea for socially distant student social idea. Pen-pal letters? Scavanger hunt? Distance Trivia? Come help decide!

Alphabet Zoom Call Wed. May 27

Lisa from Whistler Community Services Society and Bridget from Whistler Youth Centre will host a live ZOOM session on Wednesday May 27th from 5 – 6 p.m.

“It has been a long while since we all connected so we wanted to reach out and see how everyone is doing. We sure do hope that you will be able to join us. The plan is to keep it informal and add in some screen sharing activities if folks want or just to have a casual chat.”

The link to join the Zoom call will be available day of on WCSS’s website at

Whistler Food Bank New Location:

The Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) Food Bank has moved to the Whistler Conference Centre and is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. There is no appointment necessary. We will give out food while supplies last every day.

Thank you so much for passing this on! Please call 604-902-4800 if you have a question for need to book an appointment for another time.

Virtual events @ the Whistler Public Library.

The Whistler Public library has moved their community events online! Using Zoom and Facebook Live the WPL will bring you virtual versions of some of your favourite programs, from Book Club to Story Time to Meditation and more.

The full list of programs for all ages is in the  Virtual Events Calendar.