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Mollianne ReynoldsWWS Grade 1 Teacher

After a couple class teaching cycles, you were solely the Handwork teacher. You are now back at it again with Grade 1. How has the return to class teaching been?
I cannot say the return to class teaching has not been a little exhausting some days and specifically the early morning start was not something I missed as a handwork teacher. That being said, I have always loved and been inspired by the many intertwined aspects of the curriculum and as class teacher I revel in exploring all these aspects and the many subjects with a class again. Not to mention how lovely it is to once again swim about in imaginative stories, create more chalkboard art, and develop songs, poems, and plays for lessons beyond the yarn bin. And of course I miss teaching all the students for handwork; however, I find it equally fulfilling to be with the Grade One (and Two!) and work with more than just yarn, fabric and thread.
Each day must present you with funny memorable moments from your students. Do you have one to share?
Indeed I have a number of priceless moments that I have stored away in a little corner of my head – they often come out at important times of reflection like graduations. Often the humorous comments or situations reflect the students’ experiences at that moment, but occasionally they could apply any one of us. As was the case one day when a Grade Three student paused in their book work and muttered in explanation, “My third eye is all wobbly.” My heart went out to him – I hate it when that happens too.
You are known for your impressive art skills across mediums – fabric arts, chalk, and watercolor. Do tell – what is your favorite?
When it comes to the arts, I have to admit I often feel like a jack of all trades and master of none  regularly I create pieces that I know could be better, but I haven’t the patience or expertise to perfect to them to the finished products I had in mind. But the closest I come is with chalkboard art – especially when I have an idea in mind – so I that is where I am most content with my end results. Knitting, however, is something that I find the most relaxing and almost addictive (when I have the time to work on it).

Thank you Mollianne! 


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Long-term Accommodation Required: 

The Vidal family of four is looking for long-term accommodation in Whistler starting August 2020, with their 2 girls hoping to attend WWS.

Originally from Spain, they are currently living in Quebec but hope to move to Whistler this summer. Please contact Javier Vidal if you know of any accommodation options that may work for his family.

Parent Community Workshop Feb. 23:

Whistler High School is offering a FREE parent event with practical tips for parents to help children learn executive functioning skills from renowned education therapist Sarah Ward.

Date: Sunday Feb. 23

Time: 5-7pm

Location: Whistler High School at 8000 Alpine Way, Whistler BC

Doors Open at 4:30pm. Parking will be limited so please carpool or take a bus from the village.

Please Sign-up (So we know how many chairs to put out) to get your FREE tickets at: 

Women’s Centre Donations Needed –  It’s the Year of the Rat and that means you may find yourself de-cluttering for 2020. Please donate any clothing to Whistler’s Women’s Centre.